The Three Little Men


[A review of a short story entitled The Three Little Men]

There was a widow who has a daughter and a widower who also has a daughter. The two girls were good friends. The woman wanted to marry the man, but with a requirement. Firstly, the man did not know whether he would marry her or not. But, finally he married the woman. Actually, the woman hated her step-daughter because she was pleasant and pretty, whether her real daughter was ugly and hateful. One day, the woman wanted her step-daughter to fetch a basket of strawberries for her. In the wood, the girl met three little men who lived there. Because she was good, the three little men had three best wishes for her. Unexpectedly, those three wishes were happened. The real daughter of the woman was jealous because of it. But, when she went to the wood too and met the same three little men, she could not get all of the good things. In contrary, she got bad wishes from the three little men because she was so unpleasant. When the woman set some injuries again, the good girl even met a King. The King married her, as the three little men foretold. When they had a son, the old woman and her daughter came to the castle. They threw the Queen out of the window. Then, the woman put her daughter in the bed. But, the King finally found her wife after brandishing his sword three times over a duck on the threshold. At the baptism of the King`s child, the old woman said that the best way to baptise was to roll a cask down the hill into the water. The King did it. He put the old woman and her daughter in a cask, and it was rolled down the hill into the river.


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