Looking for A Lover?


[A review of a novel entitled Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence]

At first, Clifford Chatterley and Constance Chatterley (Connie) were happy couple. Clifford was a wealthy British nobleman and Connie was a good wife. But, after joining World War I, Clifford was injured. He was sent home paralysed. Because he was not able to satisfy his wife, he gave her permission to have a lover. When Mrs. Bolton came to nurse Clifford, she also suggested Connie to have ‘fresh air and healthy activity’. It leaded Connie to have an affair with Oliver Mellors, a gamekeeper who lived not far from Connie’s house. Connie was totally impressed with Mellors when she tried to find him and unpredictably, she saw him naked because he was taking a bath.

Day after day, Connie became closer to Mellors. They had some sex intercourses. She even stayed for one night in Mellors’ house to have a good experience in making love. Knowing what had happened, Clifford sent Connie to have a holiday with her sister in London. But, when she went home, Mellors had already gone to Paris. He did not work for Clifford again. Connie was so shocked, so she decided to find Mellors. She told Mellors that she was pregnant. Finally, she left her household and started her life with Mellors, her lover.

In my opinion, there is a picture of class system in this film which is the same with Indonesian culture. Similar to kasta in Bali, the position between working-class and upper-class is strongly mattered in this film. Based on the religion perspective, I can find that there are some sinful scenes in this film. It contradicts a lot with the religion rules because it gives an example of sex intercourse of a man and a woman who are not married yet. Overall, this film teaches me some moral lessons. We do not have to do sex intercourses before getting married. We also have to respect our spouse to keep the household.


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