Lolyta: My Sin, My Soul


[A review of a novel entitled Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov]

There was a young professor named Edgar Humbert who was so obsessed with little girls. He had his own theory about his obsession. He used a term nymphet to call girl under fourteen years old. That obsession showed that he was a paedophile. Paedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to children.

When Humbert’s uncle was dead, he left a business in America. Humbert decided to go there, but Valeria, his wife, did not want to. Knowing that she had another man in her life, he divorced her and left her to America. In America, he lived in a house of a rich widow named Charlotte Haze. He was so attracted to Charlotte’s daughter, Dolores Haze or Lolita. Knowing that Lolita and Humbert were so close, Charlotte sent her daughter to a summer camp for two months. When she sent Lolita to the camp, she left a confession letter. She told Humbert that she actually loved him. Humbert decided to pretend that he had the same feeling to her. He married her because he wanted to be close to Lolita every time.

Unpredictably, Charlotte was dead soon after their marriage. Humbert picked Lolita up from the camp and made a long journey with her. They rented some inns in several towns every night. There, Humbert had some experiences in making love with that twelve years old girl. Unfortunately, she left him in their second journey. She escaped from her father and started a new life with Clare Quilty, a weird playwright in her school.

Humbert tried to find her, but he failed. After spending two years with a stranger, he got a letter from Lolita. He found that Lolita was married and was pregnant. He was so sad because she really did not want to go with him. She said that her real love was Quilty. Humbert killed the man emotionally. But, he got a car accident after that. He knew that his life was already end because he had no nymphet anymore. He just realized that it was okay to have a very strong obsession to something or someone, unless it was logic and rational.


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