Do We Live in A Pretty Odd World?


[A review of a short story entitled The Angel of the Odd by Edgar Allan Poe]

One day in November, there was a man who just finished having his dinner. He felt a little bit stupid after reading many books in the morning. Then, he read some columns and found something interesting about an odd accident on a column. He believed that it was a poor hoax. He couldn’t perceive that a man could be dead after playing “puff the dart” and unintentionally inhaled the needle into his lungs. After judging that the news was nonsense, he heard a mysterious sound which said that he was a fool because of his thought. He found an odd little creature confronting him at the table. He said that he was The Angel of the Odd and came there to let the man see himself. When the man threated him, the angel just reached across the table and hit his forehead. When the man asked him about his wings, the angel cried that wings are made for chicken and owl, not for an angel. Then, the man hurled a salt-cellar at the head of the angel, but he got an attack again. Knowing that the man was crying, the angel gave him a port of colourless fluid from his hand-bottles, which put him to sleep. Because of the water, he overslept and forgot his appointment. He went to bed and placed a candle at the bed head to help him reading. He got a nightmare about the angel, then woke up and found that his house was on fire because of his candle. He broke his arm when he jumped out of the window. Because of that accident, he wanted to marry a widow, but it failed.

One day, the man met his betrothed in an avenue. He was hastening to greet her when a small particle entered the corner of his eye and caused him blind for a moment. The angel suddenly came to help him, but his betrothed had gone. Because he was so unlucky, he got an idea of suicide. He divested himself of his clothes and threw himself to a river. Pending his suicide, he ran after a bird that took his breeches. He just realized that his feet were no longer standing above the earth; he grasped a long guide-rope of a passing balloon. When he just decided to jumped to the sea, the angel came. He would help him with a requirement. Since it was an impossible requirement to do, the man shook his head. The angel was angry, so that he drew a sharp knife across the guide-rope of the balloon. The man fell to the chimney of his new-rebuilt house and lay outstretched in his dining-room heart. His house was messy. He just realized that there was nothing odd that couldn’t happen in the world.


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