Fly Everywhere As Cotton Grass Flower

I would describe myself as a cotton grass flower.

Actually, this flower is not that simple as you see, but it has an extremely complex structure of its body when you see the details. That is like me because I have a complex mind with many crazy ideas. When the wind blows this weak flower, its seeds will fly away everywhere. That is the same with me because I am fond of imagining everything. I always keep my mind noodling around to imagine what I want, so that I can write story, which is my hobby. The final place where the seed will land is unpredictable. The way it travels is like my other hobby: backpacking. That is also the same with me. I never mind the destination when I and my twin sister go backpacking. When the seed lands on a new place, it will start a new life on a new soil. That is what I do too. When I finished my journey of knowing a city after backpacking, I will start writing a new story. As a free seed of a cotton grass flower flies, I will always fly everywhere too with my imagination to feel the sense of life.


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