Tour de LA a.k.a. Lamongan

I got a CRAZY experience yesterday (Sunday, Feb 12th 2012). Well, I didn`t tell dad and mom that I and my friends go to Lamongan. I said that we go to Surabaya. I`m sick of lying, but I did =.=

We (I, my twin sista, Bhakti, and Angga) took a train to Surabaya at 4.20 a.m. We almost missed the train. Hehe… I think that was my fourth time of taking train. We saw sunrise and a very beautiful view of pinky sky. Hey, they were so sweet! >,<


pinky sky



We arrived in Surabaya (Waru Railway Station) at 07.00 a. m., then took a bus to Semarang via Tuban. We arrived in Lamongan at 09.00 a.m., then took two BELAs (becak Lamongan, haha) to Bhakti`s house. Nice journey! After took a rest, then we took the main trip: trip to Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL). Wow, what a longgg… trip! (I and Thesar missed our friends, then he rode his motorcycle extremely fast. Uh! Ieven heard a sound of wind as Sebul: fufufu or huhuhu).

First of all, we visited Rumah Kucing. Unfortunately, we couldn`t touch them. And they seemed as ther were in prisons. They weren`t free Then we watched 3D film. Bhakti were very attractive, whereas I and the others didn`t feel any special effect. Haha…

Next destination: Rumah Sakit Hantu! I and Thesar couldn`t join our friends, so we entered after them. That was our first time to enter rumah hantu. And this one was an unimportant wahana: Dunia Bawah Laut =.= Actually that`s for children. We took a mini train and hmm… felt so childish! Haha! We also visited Istana Kapal dan Kerang, Istana Bajak Laut, Istana Boneka, and Permainan Air (where Thesar got a small accident).


jet coaster dan tanjung kodok

menara klasik di pinggir pantai

merenungi kehidupan =.=


Full tension of games: Drop Zone felt like my seat fell straight down before me. Crazy Car the CRAZIEST game I ever tried. I yelled loudly! Uh! Jet Coaster free ocean was under us. Cool! But I pressed Thesar till he couldn`t yell freely, haha. Shuttle Space took a flying ship. I and my twin sista yelled noisily, whereas all the boys just smiled calmly =.=

jet coaster dibelakangku =.=


What an extremely nice experience!

I enjoyed it! >,<


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