Need to Go Backpacking!

See? It`s not ‘Want to Go Backpacking`, but `Need to Go Backpacking`! Need! Yeah, I need it! Haha… can`t wait!

I just finished reading a good book about traveling. That`s a comedy and romance. About four best friends from Indonesia—Francis, Retno, Jusuf, and Farah—who had been keeping a question of their love life till finally, they lived thousand miles apart from each other. The conflict begins when Francis sent them his wedding invitation in Barcelona. Retno backpacked from Copenhagen, Denmark. Jusuf traveled from Cape Town with his unbelievable journey. And the last, Farah, traveled from Hoi An, Vietnam.

Wow, their traveling and backpacking are so fantastic! They introduce many beautiful city to me. That makes me want to go there! ^_____^ Amin.

Kau lihat, itu perahu kertas yang saya tulisi quotes tentang traveling dan saya tulisi banyak kota yang saya temukan dalam novel Travelers`s Tale. Waktu membuatnya tadi, saya sempat bikin janji. Kota apa pun yang akan muncul di bagian depan perahu kertas itu harus saya kunjungi suatu saat. Rupanya, ada dua kota yang muncul: Hoi An (Vietnam) dan Copenhagen (Denmark). Let`s see, will I be stranded there sometime?


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