The Final Battle of My Drama Project! ;D

Well, yesterday was a historical day. Yesterday was the final battle of our struggle!


We were the fifth group to perform our drama at English Performance Competition. You know, firstly I was so relaxed. I stayed cool. Haha.. But, when I walked trough the stair to the third floor –where we will perform– I suddenly was so nervous. I didn`t know why. Because that was my first project?

I was not that satisfied with the performance. We did some trouble. Haha.. yeah, they were about the lighting, sound, property, and the character itself. But, my adviser said that our performance was good. And do you know the result? We are the third winner of the competition! We couldn`t believe it. Woo, what a good job, eh? Hurrah, hurrah! Alhamdulillah ;D

So, we got a certificate (which my friends gave it to me) and fresh money: Rp. 400.000. We will celebrate it at Steak and Shake with A class. Yep, because they are the second winner of EPC^^


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