My First Drama Project (V)

In the early meeting, my drama adviser said to my class that it is possible if sometime we will be crank each other because of the drama project. We will feel it when we do the drama project individually. Someone is late to come to the meeting, then we will be angry. Someone cannot do something about the property, then we will be mad. It`s natural. Sometime we will feel the climax.

Yeah… we felt it on Thursday, December 29th, 2011. We took some pictures about pre-wedding and childhood of Senja and Gema. But, because of the preparation of the wedding, we couldn`t do the practicing part as well as usual. Some of my characters, especially my main characters, were angry of anything that was unimportant.

Okay, remember that there will be much troubles from a great project. Haha… it means that there`s no problem about the trouble. Trouble makes perfect ^^. By the way, I do love all of the photos, especially the pre-wedding one. Uh, they are extremely romantic!


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